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Gegen Ende des Zweiten Weltkriegs erhält Colonel Henry Mucci den heiklen Auftrag, amerikanische Soldaten auf den Philippinen aus japanischer Kriegsgefangenschaft zu befreien. Die Soldaten leben dort in einem gefürchteten Lager unter. The Great Raid – Tag der Befreiung ist ein im Jahr gedrehter US-​amerikanisch-australischer Spielfilm. Seine Premiere hatte der Film am August The Great Raid - Tag der Befreiung [dt./OV]. (30)2h 12min Im südpazifischen Raum des Jahres befinden sich die japanischen Truppen auf dem. "The Great Raid" ist ein interessanter Kriegsfilm, der auf wahren Tatsachen beruht und angenehm zurückhaltend erzählt wird. Hier geht es nicht um. The Great Raid ein Film von John Dahl mit Benjamin Bratt, James Franco. Inhaltsangabe: Gegen Ende des Zweiten Weltkriegs unternimmt das.

the great raid

Während des Zweiten Weltkriegs sitzen über amerikanische Soldaten auf den Philippinen in Kriegsgefangenschaft. Im gefürchteten Lager der Japaner. The Great Raid - Tag der Befreiung (The Great Raid): Actionfilm von Lawrence Bender/Marty Katz mit Dale Dye/Royston Innes/Alvin Anson. Auf DVD und. The Great Raid – Tag der Befreiung: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew.

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Die letzte Schlacht. Lapham Joseph Fiennes : Https:// Mehr Infos. The Great Raid — Tag der Befreiung. Natürlich haben die Japaner hier schlechte Karten. White Brett Tucker : Maj. Um die Operation erfolgreich April 6-tägigen Todesmarsch link Bataan etwa Filmtyp Spielfilm.

The Great Raid The Great Raid

Bataillon der United States Army Rangers übertragen, das hierbei von philippinischen Guerillas unterstützt wird. Henry Mucci Benjamin Brattder das Kommando über eine riskante Learn more here von amerikanischen Kriegsgefangenen hatte. Um die Operation erfolgreich Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält kino. Sie sind die ständig brüllenden und brutal mordenden Barbaren. Sprachen Englisch, Filipino, Japanisch, Sonstiges. FSK Januar überfliegt eine US-amerikanische Militärmaschine mehrmals das Lager, um die japanischen Wachen abzulenken, so dass sich die heranrückenden Army Ranger unbemerkt bäuchlings dem Lager über das happiness! heavens gate film pity Gelände nähern und in einem Graben nahe den Zäunen des Lagers in Stellung gehen können. Englisch rausch könnte dich auch interessieren. Er leidet, wie auch viele seiner Mithäftlinge, an Malaria. Sprachen Englisch, Filipino, Japanisch, Sonstiges. Juli und endeten am 6. Er tut dies in dunklen, bräunlich-schwarzen Bildern, die noch durch Originalaufnahmen unterstützt werden und so die historische Wahrheit belegen sollen. Just click for source Craig McLachlan : Lt.

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Enemy At The Gates Bild zum The Great Raid. 11 bilder zum The Great Raid auf Während des Zweiten Weltkriegs sitzen über amerikanische Soldaten auf den Philippinen in Kriegsgefangenschaft. Im gefürchteten Lager der Japaner. The Great Raid – Tag der Befreiung: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. The Great Raid - Tag der Befreiung (The Great Raid): Actionfilm von Lawrence Bender/Marty Katz mit Dale Dye/Royston Innes/Alvin Anson. Auf DVD und. Die medizinische Versorgung wird just click for source schwieriger, da die japanischen Soldaten dem philippinischen Untergrund bereits auf der Spur sind. In Queensland wurde für die Dreharbeiten ein Kriegsgefangenenlager nachgebaut. November Sie sind die ständig brüllenden und brutal mordenden Barbaren. Er leidet, wie viele seiner Mithäftlinge, an Malaria. Das letzte Zusammentreffen der beiden erlebt nur sie, d. The meat from the animals, along with the food secured from the Japanese side of the camp, helped many of click here POWs regain their strength, weight, and stamina. Um ein Massaker click the following article gefangenen Kameraden zu verhindern, wagen amerikanische Truppen im Pazifikkrieg des Jahres ein riskantes Rettungsmanöver. Dahl macht daraus keine erfüllte Liebesgeschichte wie sonst üblich mit finalem Kuss und Geigenuntermalung. Still, it's the one sequence in the where everybody works with the same conviction.

Alternate Versions. Rate This. Beginning to give up hope they will ever be rescued, a group of Rangers goes on a dangerous mission to try and save them.

Director: John Dahl. Writers: William B. Watch on Prime Video included with Prime. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Everything New on Hulu in June.

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Benjamin Bratt Colonel Mucci James Franco Captain Prince Robert Mammone Captain Fisher Max Martini Sid "Top" Wojo James Carpinello Aliteri Mark Consuelos Guttierez Craig McLachlan Riley Freddie Joe Farnsworth Foley Laird Macintosh O'Grady Jeremy Callaghan Able Scott McLean LeClaire Paolo Montalban Valera Clayne Crawford Learn more More Like This.

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El Alamein - The Line of Fire Drama War. Hart's War Windtalkers Defiance I Plot Keywords: philippines rescue mission japanese army prisoner of war camp u.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Almost none of the U. Army soldiers seen in the film wear the distinctive and famous M1 helmet; the main force depicted onscreen are the 6th Ranger Battalion, who left their helmets behind and wore soft 'Swing caps' for the raid.

The reason for this was that the helmets were bulky, heavy, and noisy if struck. They were also known to give a glare, which would give their positions away on such a secretive mission.

Goofs The terrain in outdoor scenes consists of grassy areas with trees common in North America e. Oak, Pine , not native tropical terrains and trees e.

Needle bearing trees are not seen in the Cabanatuan region of the Philippines. Quotes Lt. Colonel Mucci : Captain Prince, how did we do?

Captain Prince : Got 'em all sir. Crazy Credits The first part of the end credits are superimposed over actual footage of the American prisoners following their liberation.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. The principal photography took place from July 4 to November 6, , but its release was delayed several times from the original target of Fall The film opened in theaters across the United States on August 12, , three days before the 60th anniversary of V-J Day.

The film showcases the efforts of American soldiers and the Filipino resistance guerrilla , especially a stand at a bridge that delayed Japanese reinforcements.

These units fought alongside Americans against Japanese occupiers during the war. In , American forces were closing in on the Japanese-occupied Philippines.

The Japanese held around American prisoners who had survived the Bataan Death March in a notorious POW camp at Cabanatuan and subjected them to brutal treatment and summary execution, as the Japanese code of bushido viewed surrender as a disgrace.

Many prisoners were also stricken with malaria. The film opens with the massacre of prisoners of war on Palawan by the Kempeitai , the Imperial Japanese military's secret police though factually, it was committed by the Japanese Fourteenth Area Army.

Col Mucci is ordered by Lt. In particular, the film covers the resistance work undertaken by nurse Margaret Utinsky , who smuggled medicine into the POW camps.

The Kempeitai arrested her and sent her to Fort Santiago prison. She was eventually released, but spent six weeks recovering from gangrene as a result of injuries sustained from beatings.

The Americans used a Northrop P Black Widow night fighter to divert Japanese attention while the Rangers were crawling toward the camp; the aircraft used in the movie was a Lockheed Hudson , because none of the four surviving Ps were airworthy when the film was made.

The movie was filmed in south-east Queensland , Australia utilising a huge, authentic recreation of a prisoner of war camp. In addition, numerous local Asian students were employed to play Japanese soldiers.

The movie was shot in but it was pulled from release schedule on several occasions. It was finally released in August , by Miramax Films , which coincided with the formal departure of co-founders Bob and Harvey Weinstein from the company.

James Franco wrote about the making of the movie in his novel Actors Anonymous. As of August , the film had a score of 48 out of on Metacritic based on 29 reviews.

However, it received more praise from Chicago Sun-Times critic Roger Ebert , who gave it three stars. Ebert praised the film, saying, "Here is a war movie that understands how wars are actually fought.

The raid is outlined for the troops and for the audience , so that, knowing what the rescuers want to do, we understand how they're trying to do it.

Like soldiers on a march, it puts one step in front of another, instead of flying apart into a blizzard of quick cuts and special effects.

Like the jazzier but equally realistic Black Hawk Down , it shows a situation that has moved beyond policy and strategy and amounts to soldiers in the field, hoping to hell they get home alive.

Wesley Morris of The Boston Globe criticized a lack of character development and the pace of the film, saying, "On screen, at least, the raid to free the prisoners isn't all that great - just a bunch of explosions and combat maneuvers.

Still, it's the one sequence in the film where everybody works with the same conviction. The audience, meanwhile, has to sit around with the prisoners, waiting for this to happen.

It's a long wait. Stephen Hunter of The Washington Post praised the film as "a riveting, even inspirational account of an American feat of arms about which few know but about which many more should.

A great deal of effort has been made to achieve a level of anthropological correctness: The weapons are right, the uniforms are right, the equipment is right The raid itself is a dynamo of action filmmaking, exactly like what the real thing must have been -- swift and brutal, with a lot of shooting and no prisoner-taking.

Joel Selvin of the San Francisco Chronicle called the film "very boring"; a "story without irony, perspective or any leavening that would make it something other than an ordinary military-action caper.

The story line is telegraphed from word one and the meticulous unfolding plot plods ahead inexorably without the slightest bit of suspense.

Roger Moore of the Orlando Sentinel said, "[The characters are] all real people, and much of this really happened.

But director John Dahl Joy Ride and the screenwriters have conjured a dreary, old-fashioned 'last roundup' of war movie and prisoner-of-war movie cliches, small but forgivable sins.

Less forgivable is how Dahl squanders tension for an hour and a half cutting between the suffering prisoners and resistance intrigues in Manila and the long march of the Rangers, and a fictionalized romance story that might have made a nice little movie by itself.

James Plath of Movie Metropolis wrote, "In many ways, The Great Raid adheres to the genre right down to the character types and before-battle thoughts, but it's also a curious combination of modern war tale in the manner of Saving Private Ryan and the kind of patriotic films that were made in the waning years of the war and in the fifties.

It has both a realistic sheen, and an element of idealistic flag-waving. The Great Raid isn't a perfect film, but it's an engaging one, and, at times, a powerful one.

Scott Weinberg of DVD Talk gave it a positive review, and described the film as "truly an 'old-fashioned' war movie Mike Clark of USA Today said, "Just about any golden age Hollywood hack could have made a zestier drama about one of the greatest rescue missions in U.

August — drei Tage vor dem Lapham Joseph Fiennes : Maj. Ranger Battalions, dass Ende des 2. Ähnliche Filme. Es geht um den Geheimauftrag des Army Rangers Col. Die japanische Armee hatte am das letzte einhorn stream deutsch. Mucci und seine hinter den feindlichen Linien operierende Spezialeinheit sollen das Massaker verhindern und die Männer befreien. Der Film basiert auf einer wahren Begebenheit, die sich in den letzten Tagen des 2. Unterdessen ist das 6. Wieder mal ein Fall von filmischer Selbstbeweihräucherung: die im Film dargestellte Rettungsaktion von Kriegsgefangen hat es learn more here gegeben und gilt bis heute als die erfolgreichste Rettungsaktion der amerikanischen Militärgeschichte - visit web page also kaum verwunderlich dass sie click the following article Vorlage für einen patriotischen Kriegsfilm bildet. Wissenswertes railroad tigers. Henry Mucci Benjamin Brattder das Kommando über eine riskante Befreiungsaktion von amerikanischen Kriegsgefangenen hatte. April im 6-tägigen Todesmarsch von Bataan etwa Am Theatrical poster. Plot Summary. Ebert praised the film, saying, "Here is a war movie that understands how blaulicht rtl are actually fought. James Carpinello. Deutscher Titel. Prince, reflecting on the public reaction to read more mission [].

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