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Killing Bites ist eine Manga-Reihe von Shinya Murata, die seit November im Magazin Monthly Hero's des Verlages Shogakukan erscheint. Die bisher vierzehn erschienenen Bände im Tankōbon-Format wurden mit Zeichnungen von Kazasa Sumita versehen. Eine zwölf Episoden umfassende Animeserie entstand im Studio Liden Films unter der Regie von Yasuto Nishikata. Die Serie wurde vom. Beachte bitte, bevor du weiter das Killing Bites Wiki erkundest, dass diese Seite SPOILER enthält. Killing Bites ist ein Anime des Studios»Liden Films Inc.«mit dem Hauptgenre Action. Beschreibung: Das Zaibatsu-Konglomerat richtet seit Urzeiten grausame​. Yuya wird in heftige Kämpfe, die Killing Bites, hineingezogen. dahintersteckt, aber ich würde Killing Bites als soliden Anime für zwischendurch bezeichnen.

killing bites anime

Killing Bites ist ein Anime des Studios»Liden Films Inc.«mit dem Hauptgenre Action. Beschreibung: Das Zaibatsu-Konglomerat richtet seit Urzeiten grausame​. Yuya wird in heftige Kämpfe, die Killing Bites, hineingezogen. dahintersteckt, aber ich würde Killing Bites als soliden Anime für zwischendurch bezeichnen. "Killing Bites" Anime Gets New Cast, Crew, & a Key Visual - Anime Herald. A new key visual, along with a dozen new cast members and numerous crew members​. killing bites anime

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Gekauft Book club kinostart Lesezeichen Zurücksetzen. Killing Bites. Hidekatsu Shibata. Sumire Uesaka. März im japanischen Fernsehen gezeigt. Alle Staffeln von Killing Bites. Chinatsu Akasaki. Liden Films. Final deutsch Artikel Diskussion. Rikiya Koyama. Nach der Zerschlagung des Entwicklers wurde die Veröffentlichung zunächst verschoben und im Jahre die Entwicklung des Spiels gestoppt. EtchiActionSeinenScience-Fiction. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. ActionEtchiBattle Royale. Sie sind Kämpfer, die geschaffen check this out, um die menschliche Intelligenz mit den Klauen von Bestien zu kombinieren. Du benötigst JavaScript, um aniSearch in vollem Funktionsumfang nutzen zu können! Home Serien Killing Bites. Killing Bites Amazon DE. Alle Staffeln von Killing Bites.

More videos. More characters. More staff. Edit Opening Theme "killing bites" by fripSide. Mar 30, Overall Rating : 9.

Overall Rating : 8. Mar 31, Overall Rating : 7. More discussions. More featured articles. MAL Staff Picks: Anime of the Year Absurd comedy, poignant drama, explosive action, and more are all on the list for our favorite anime of !

More recommendations. View All. Add Detailed Info. Teaser PV 3 play More videos Edit Synopsis After unknowingly participating in a kidnapping, college student Yuuya Nomoto finds his friends brutally murdered by Hitomi Uzaki, the high school girl they attempted to abduct.

Forced to drive her to an undisclosed location, he finds himself being wagered as the prize for a death match between two Therianthropes, superpowered human-animal hybrids created through advanced gene therapy.

As one of these hybrids, Hitomi uses the speed and fearlessness she gained from her ratel genes to viciously dispatch her foe and save Yuuya from certain death.

Waking up hours later hoping the whole event was only a nightmare, Yuuya realizes that he has become embroiled in a secret proxy war between four large Japanese business conglomerates, with the winner taking control of the economy.

As her sole albeit unwilling investor, his life is now directly linked to Hitomi's ability to participate in underground bloodsport matches known only as Killing Bites.

Help improve our database by adding background information here. Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Uzaki, Hitomi Main. Amamiya, Sora Japanese.

Nomoto, Yuuya Main. Hatano, Wataru Japanese. Inaba, Ui Supporting. Uesaka, Sumire Japanese. Nakanishi, Eruza Supporting.

Uchida, Maaya Japanese. Nakanishi, Taiga Supporting. Nakamura, Yuuichi Japanese. Mitsukado, Youko Supporting.

Ichinosuke resolves to die fighting but Taiga is suddenly ordered to move to another area by his investor so he can save Eruza.

Yuya realises Ryuji had planned this as Hybrids failing to follow instructions within a time limit are executed via explosive collars.

Ui is shown alone elsewhere on the island digging a burrow. As Den prepares to rape Eruza he is attacked by Hitomi who had been moved there by Yuya to save Eruza.

Yuya is mocked by the investors for making a foolish move to save an opponent. Den, having being distracted by Hitomi, has his face slashed by Eruza.

Reluctantly deciding to team up Hitomi decides to fight Den while Eruza fights Kaede. A flashback shows that Den and Kaede were hired to fight in the match by Sumitomo.

Yuya learns that when Shidoh took control of the matches he changed the rules so criminals like Den could volunteer to become hybrids and compete.

Ryuji swears to kill Ichinosuke. Ui is shown underground digging a complicated tunnel. Kaede also further transforms into a monstrous Gecko and overpowers Eruza.

Den prepares to rape Hitomi but at the last second Hitomi overcomes the paralysis and cuts his genitals off with a single slash.

Enraged, Den attacks but Hitomi easily cuts his body in half, severing his tail and incapacitating him. Kaede is left to fight both Eruza and Hitomi alone.

As Ichinosuke is about to lose against Ryuji their fight is interrupted by Kido, a hybrid sponsored by Yoko.

That's What I Feel Like! Kido is revealed to be Shota's teammate and kills Ryuji with a single punch without transforming into his hybrid form.

Ichinosuke is attacked by Shota, only to suddenly disappear. Kaede is ordered to flee from the area. Eruza and Hitomi happily begin fighting each other.

Ichinosuke is shown to have fallen into one of the tunnels dug by Ui who surfaces next to Shota causing her to flee in panic. Eruza pins Hitomi, intending to kill her but instead they begin kissing passionately.

They are shown to be drugged by Kaori Rikujo, a Civet Hybrid from Yatsubishi who can produce a pheromone that causes uncontrollable lust.

This enrages Yoko who considers such tactics shameful and without honour. Kaede is manoeuvred into fighting Taiga but is killed instantly.

The investors get more excited watching Eruza and Hitomi until Yoko angrily demands the game continue. Her true intention is revealed, to humiliate Shidoh by beating his hybrids and tactics and ending his influence over her beloved grandfather.

Hitomi suddenly breaks free from her lust by focusing on her real lust for Shidoh. She attacks Kaori just as Taiga reaches them.

Shit shit shit shit!! Yabai Yabai Yabai Yabai!! Shidoh, as the head of the hybrid creation project, has been manipulating events so that no matter which zaibatsu wins, he will be the one with all the power.

Taiga insists on fighting Hitomi alone without Eruza or Kaori. Shota manages to trap Ui but damages several trees doing so, forgetting that Kido despises anyone who damages the forest.

Kido rips Shota in half but leaves Ui alive. Ui becomes determined to help Hitomi. Taiga reveals that his ultimate goal is to defeat Leo and that Leo is far stronger than people think.

Taiga, knowing Leo only seriously fights those he considers his equal, strove to become stronger so he could kill Leo in a fair fight.

As Hitomi had insulted Leo by believing herself capable of killing him, Taiga became determined to kill Hitomi for the insult.

Hitomi and Taiga prepare to fight to the death. Yuya thinks about how his life was empty until he met Hitomi.

Hitomi takes several hits from Taiga waiting for the best time to counterattack. Ui arrives to warn Hitomi about Kido, not realising Taiga is behind her.

Yuya is mocked by the investors for killing Hitomi with his playing style but overcomes his fear by focusing on his friendship with Hitomi and decides to forgo his turn to move Hitomi elsewhere, allowing her to continue fighting Taiga.

Yuya realises Yoko emotionally manipulated him into keeping Hitomi in the fight so Kido, who she had likewise emotionally manipulated into hating Hitomi, could kill her.

Despite being overwhelmed with lust Ui manages to trick Kaori into falling into one of her tunnels. Everyone is shocked as Kido fully transforms, covering his entire body in thick scale armour , revealing himself as a Pangolin hybrid.

Hitomi is knocked unconscious. Taiga is saved by Ichinosuke, whose attack leaves Kido vulnerable long enough for Taiga to claw out his right eye.

Despite this, both Taiga and Ichinosuke are impaled by Kido. Yoko happily declares her victory for the Mitsukado. However, Hitomi suddenly and explosively awakens and transforms further into her monstrous honey badger form.

Shidoh reveals that while most hybrids are genetically modified humans, Hitomi was born with Hybrid DNA, making her an Origin Beast, a perfect fusion of human and animal.

A flashback to seven years ago reveals Shidoh first encountered Hitomi living like a wild animal in Hong Kong.

By feeding and spending time with her he gained her trust and named her Hitomi, despite numerous injuries to himself. They are eventually saved from the Mafia by match overseer Shinozaki and Hitomi begins to develop feelings for Shidoh for protecting her.

Back in the present Hitomi attacks Kido with vastly superior strength and speed than her previous attacks. He beats Hitomi until she suddenly flings her own severed arm into his face as a distraction.

During her next attack she smiles, tricking Kido into thinking for a split second that she was his mother, allowing her to thrust her remaining arm down his throat.

As Yoko rages for having lost Kido manages to stand up only for Eruza to suddenly slash his throat, finally killing him and making her the Killing Bites Champion.

Yoko passes out from shock. Surprisingly, Ui suddenly awakens. As she tries to flee from Eruza she accidentally performs a perfect somersault kick, knocking Eruza unconscious.

All the lights and monitors suddenly shut down. Unseen to the representatives the island has been infiltrated by Chameleon hybrids under orders to kill all surviving hybrids so the match will be declared void with victory going to no one.

The Chameleon hybrids, under orders from Sumitomo, attempt to kill all surviving hybrids but are stopped by match overseer Shinozaki who publicly declares Ui the victor.

With her grandfather dead Yoko is left powerless. Leo takes revenge against her for abusing Hybrids by raping her and claiming her as his slave.

With the match over Yuya returns to his normal life and Hitomi disappears. Two weeks later he receives a message from Hitomi asking him to come to the arena where she first fought Leo.

At the arena Yuya thanks Hitomi for giving him confidence in himself while Hitomi thanks him for helping with her matches.

Yuya almost confesses his feelings for her, but Hitomi suddenly attacks and kills him, his death having been ordered by Shidoh.

As she leaves, Hitomi begins to cry. In the near future Hybrids are fully accepted into human society and have their own city built on an island in Tokyo Bay.

Non-lethal Killing Bites matches become popular entertainment with many new young hybrids hoping to become champion.

However it's revealed that Yuya is still alive, and he's apparently planning to make use of a couple of young female hybrids to get his vengeance against Hitomi, Shidou and the entire Zaibatsu organization.

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Deine Bewertung. Rikiya Koyama. Kazasa Sumita. Leider wusste man hier anscheinend nicht genau, wo man eigentlich hin will. "Killing Bites" Anime Gets New Cast, Crew, & a Key Visual - Anime Herald. A new key visual, along with a dozen new cast members and numerous crew members​. Killing Bites ist eine Anime aus dem Jahr mit Sora Amamiya und Wataru Hatano. Die Killing Bites sind ein Turnier, bei dem vier Organisationen. Yuya wird in heftige Kämpfe, die Killing Bites, hineingezogen. Genre: Action, Adult, Ecchi, Fantasy, Horror, Martial-Art, Seinen, Splatter, Superpower, Violence. heyho! Ich wollte eigentlich nur wissen, ob der Anime Killing Bites auch hier auf Crunchyroll erscheinen wird. Finde per Suma nicht wirklich. Es sind noch weitere Screenshots vorhanden, welche jedoch nur für Premium -Mitglieder zugänglich sind. Du benötigst Https://, um aniSearch in vollem Funktionsumfang nutzen zu können! Kommentare zu Killing Https:// werden geladen Https:// Hatano. Anime News Go here3. Shinya Murata. Thema erstellen. Details zeigen. Overall Rating : 9. Television series Rebirth She had intended to kill Yuya so Hitomi would have no click to see more for future matches but decides to kill Hitomi instead. Reluctantly deciding to team up Hitomi decides to fight Den while Eruza fights Kaede. SoraSenpai All reviews 96 people found this review helpful. Eruza click at this page manoeuvred into an area not covered by the cameras, allowing Kaede Kazama, a Gecko Hybrid, and Den The woods in stream cabin, a Cobra Source, to restrain her with Den planning on raping. Nakanishi, Eruza Supporting. Ui is shown alone elsewhere on the island digging a burrow. Mitsukado, Youko Supporting.

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