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Hershel Greene ist eine fiktive Figur in The Walking Dead, deren Rolle in dem Comic, der Fernsehserie von Scott Wilson und der Spieleserie dargestellt wird. Er ist der verwitwete Besitzer einer Farm in Georgia und hat bereits Erfahrung im. Standort unbekannt. Hershel wuchs auf einer Farm auf, die seit über Jahren im Besitz seiner Familie war. Als kleines Kind bekam er eine Taschenuhr. Hershel Rhee ist ein Überlebender des Ausbruchs in AMC's The Walking Dead. Er ist der Sohn von. Vor Ausstrahlung der neunten „Walking Dead“-Staffel verstarb Hershel-Darsteller Scott Wilson. In der Abschieds-Episode von Andrew Lincoln. Der Schauspieler Scott Wilson ist verstorben. Zuletzt begeisterte er sein Publikum vor allem als Hershel Greene in der Zombie-Serie „The.

the walking dead hershel

Hershel Greene, gespielt von Scott Wilson, versucht sich im Gefängnis als Ratgeber für Rick wird dann jedoch von einem Beißer gebissen, so dass Rick. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an walking dead hershel an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu. Hershel Greene ist eine fiktive Figur in The Walking Dead, deren Rolle in dem Comic, der Fernsehserie von Scott Wilson und der Spieleserie dargestellt wird. Er ist der verwitwete Besitzer einer Farm in Georgia und hat bereits Erfahrung im. Als Hershel Greene galt er für viele längere Zeit als emotionales Zentrum von „The Walking Dead“. Nun ist der Schauspieler. Hershel Greene, gespielt von Scott Wilson, versucht sich im Gefängnis als Ratgeber für Rick wird dann jedoch von einem Beißer gebissen, so dass Rick. Hershel Green ist der Besitzter einer Farm, die er verbarrikadiert hat, um mit seiner Familie dort zu leben. Er hält jedoch seine verstorbenen Familienmitglieder. McFarlane The Walking Dead Serie 6 - Hershel Greene - Bild Toys: Spielzeug. The Walking Dead Series 7 - EXCLUSIVE Hershel Greene Action Figure; Approximately 5 inches tall; 22 points of articulation; Includes a severed Hershel Head.

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[TWD] Hershel Greene Transformation

Hershel Greene owned the farmhouse where Rick and the other survivors sought asylum after the apocalypse. A recovering alcoholic and a man of faith, Hershel felt obliged to shelter the guests.

A veterinarian by trade, Hershel proves invaluable to Rick when his son Carl is accidentally shot. After performing life-saving surgery on Carl, Hershel relates to Rick his belief that everything that's happened is God's work, and that mankind will soon find a cure for the walker disease.

Hershel's belief that the undead are just sick is so deep that he has corralled his friends and neighbors who have turned — including his wife and step-son — in his barn.

When Shane discovers the walkers and slaughters them, Hershel realizes his mistake. But Rick convinces Hershel that it's important to stay strong — if only to give his remaining family his daughters Maggie and Beth a reason to keep going.

Hershel's farm is soon overrun with walkers. Though he attempts to make a last stand, declaring, "This is my farm.

I'll die here," Rick finally convinces him to flee. After spending the winter on the run, Rick and Daryl stumble onto an abandoned prison and the group decides to make it their new home.

While scouting the prison tombs, Hershel is bitten in the leg by a walker and Rick amputates to prevent the infection from spreading. Hershel survives the ordeal and adapts to life on crutches.

Despite his physical handicap, he continues to serve the group by providing sage advice during difficult times. When Carl shoots a Woodbury boy fleeing the prison, Hershel presses Rick to become a better role model for Carl by giving up his gun.

When a deadly virus spreads at the prison, Hershel risks his own health to care for the infected, collecting elderberries in the forest and administering them as tea to the sick.

As people begin to die, Hershel remains hopeful, insisting on keeping their bodies out of sight of the other infected survivors.

His faith is tested, however, when several deaths in the sick ward culminate in a walker attack that he must personally stop.

Sitting in a cell alone after the attack, Hershel silently weeps. The next day, Hershel is in the woods with Michonne when the Governor attacks and kidnaps them.

After stabbing him through the bars of the cell, he retrieves a shotgun, which he uses to lure and kill the walkers. Right after, Hershel goes to get the breathing tube from the walker to save Glenn, but is pinned.

Right on time, Maggie finally breaks into the cell block, and kills the walker and saves Hershel. She kills the remaining walkers and then they go to save Glenn, which they do.

Afterwards, Hershel is seen back in Caleb's cell, where he tends to his corpse and attempts to read his bible before breaking down and sobbing over the events of the day.

The next day, Hershel is confronted by Daryl, who asks where Carol is. Hershel, however, reassured him that she is fine, but directs him to Rick.

He then rides with Michonne to burn and bury the corpses from the previous day. When The Governor arrives at the prison, he discovers Hershel and Michonne outside of the fences disposing walker corpses from the previous attack.

He then aims his gun at the both of them. While they are held hostage, The Governor explains that he intends to take the prison from Rick so that his new group can live there safely, and will be using Hershel and Michonne to get it.

Hershel tries, but fails to persuade The Governor that they could all live together. When The Governor states that he will kill members of Rick's group if necessary, Hershel states that The Governor should realize that threatening to kill a man's children is wrong since he used to have a child himself, but The Governor has already made his decision.

Once The Governor arrives at the Prison with his group and the two hostages, Hershel attempts to help Rick in reaching diplomacy.

Rick spends several minutes pleading with The Governor, asking him to let Hershel and Michonne go and offering to let his group live in the Prison with the others.

The Governor becomes irritated and holds Michonne's katana to Hershel's throat. Rick then looks down at Hershel and Hershel nods his head, as a sign of saying Rick has made the right choice.

Rick frantically tries to reason, and reinstates Hershel's virtues of peace and that nobody is "too far gone", and that "we can all come back," leading Hershel to smile vaguely.

The Governor begins to put down the sword, but then stops, muttering "liar". The Governor then swings the sword into Hershel's neck, partially decapitating him.

This leads to the beginning of a massive gunfight, as Maggie and Beth cry for their father, watching from behind the Prison gates.

As Hershel bleeds out and desperately attempts to crawl away in the ensuing gunfight, The Governor catches up to him and repeatedly slashes at Hershel's neck with the sword, utterly decapitating and killing him.

Michonne comes across Hershel's reanimated head when she comes back to the Prison, and stabs it with her katana. Later, he is mentioned by Carl as one of the survivors Rick failed to protect when he is scolding an unconscious Rick.

Hershel is seen in flashbacks through the episode. His main role in these flashbacks is to encourage Rick to stop going out on runs and instead begin farming at the prison and teaching Carl how to be more balanced.

Hershel appears briefly in a flashback when Rick reflects on memories with all of his friends while panicking over the possibility that his other friends could be killed by the Saviors.

In a hallucination, Rick finds himself back at the farm. Hershel greets him warmly. Rick embraces him and apologizes for what happened to him and his family, but Hershel assures Rick not to worry, reminding him that Maggie's strong and that his grandson would only make her stronger.

Rick confides in Hershel that his goal to create a better world hasn't been easy and is trying find his family, but Hershel tells him he doesn't and just has to wake up.

After Rick pleads with the Governor's group to put down their guns and join them at the prison, the Governor blatantly refuses under his breath and proceeds to slice Hershel's neck using Michonne's katana.

Then, as a mortally wounded Hershel vainly drags himself away from the fight, slowly dying from lost blood, the Governor catches up with him and brutally hacks the rest of his neck, completely decapitating him in the process.

After the destruction of the prison, Michonne finds Hershel's reanimated head and, with sadness, puts it down. Josephine is Hershel's first wife, and Maggie's mother.

She is stated by Hershel to be tough and strong, and she frequently made him sleep on the couch whenever he comes home late or drinking at night, showing that she cared a lot about her husband.

She died before the apocalypse occurred. After her death, Hershel marries another woman , much to Maggie's dismay. Annette was Hershel's wife and he deeply loved her.

When she died, Hershel locked her up in the barn hoping that a cure would be found and save her life, and stated that she wasn't dead and was only sick.

Hershel took up drinking again when Annette was killed, depressed over the death of his second wife, whom he loved.

Maggie is Hershel's eldest daughter. They have a normal father-daughter relationship and are very close. Hershel has entrusted Glenn to take care of her and be her unofficial husband, a status which Glenn had to earn by proving himself to Hershel over time.

Maggie's personality is much like that of her father in that she is strong, intelligent, brave, responsible, innovative, capable, and able to bounce back from the tragedies she faces without letting herself become devastated or weakened by them.

This is far different from how Hershel views Beth, who he keeps by his side as she is much more naive and fearful than her sister.

However, Hershel is still very protective of Maggie and often worries about her, like any normal parent would. When the virus hits the prison, Hershel's devotion to caring for the sick, in spite of his own chances of catching the disease, deeply upsets Maggie.

He convinces her that he is making the right decision. However, when he's alone in quarantine fighting off a walker who is wearing intubation he needs to save Glenn's life, Maggie refuses to let the walker kill him, even at risk of destroying the intubation.

She manages the perfect shot, killing the walker and saving her father. His death by the Governor's hands several hours later devastates Maggie.

She is seen crying and screaming behind the prison fences after witnessing her father's execution.

Beth is Hershel's youngest daughter. They have a normal, loving, father-daughter relationship. Hershel is protective of Beth as she is still considered a kid, at the age of Hershel always kept Beth out of harm's way for as long as she can remember, even after the outbreak happened, and teaches her to always do good things in life.

After Beth tried to commit suicide, Hershel was by her side watching and caring for her. Hershel calls Beth, "Bethy", and is proud of his daughter's singing skills.

When Hershel is bitten, amputated and taken back to the cells, Beth starts to cry in Lori's arms at the sight of her unconscious father in "Sick".

Beth does not give up on Hershel and still believes he will be okay, Beth starts to make new pants for Hershel and Maggie asks why in which Beth moans at her for sounding as she has given up on their father.

When Hershel regains consciousness, he and Beth are seen walking around together, Beth helping Hershel walk and cope with his new disability while Maggie is off with Glenn.

Hershel always protects Beth despite his inability to walk normally, such as in episodes "Killer Within" and "Welcome to the Tombs".

Sometimes, Hershel would also give medical advice regarding Judith to Beth and Carol. In season 4, Hershel and Beth had very little interaction due to the flu outbreak surrounding the prison, although when she and Maggie were struggling in the aftermath of the virus, Beth reminded her of Hershel's advice that they all had jobs to do.

After Hershel was murdered before her eyes, Beth began to scream and cry, and opened fire on the Governor alongside Maggie.

Maggie later calmed her by reminding her of Hershel's advice. After his death, she admit that she missed him and Beth promised herself to keep her father's teaching alive.

Shawn was Hershel's stepson and he deeply loved him. When he died, Hershel locked him up in the barn hoping that a cure would be found and save his life, and stated that he wasn't dead and was only sick.

Hershel took up drinking again when Shawn was killed, depressed over the death of his stepson, whom he loved. Otis is Hershel's close friend, and they got along with each other well.

Hershel is grateful towards Otis for helping him at the farm on numerous occasions, and doesn't mind him staying.

Hershel was saddened of Otis' death, and held a funeral for him in appreciation for what he had done for his entire life and what he did right before his death.

Patricia is Hershel's vet assistant and close friend. She often assists him in medical circumstances, and is seen by his side along with Maggie, Beth and Glenn when the rest of the group turn against him after the discovery of Sophia.

Hershel respects her but still treats her as his employee when he orders her to prepare for emergency surgery one time.

He is concerned about Patricia's whereabouts when she is not seen at the highway, and appears saddened when Beth explains to him about her death.

Being the boyfriend of his daughter Beth, Hershel cares for Jimmy and doesn't mind him staying at his farm.

Hershel and Jimmy get along well, though he and Beth often had to be chased around by Hershel, because of their sexual activity.

Hershel views Jimmy as slightly immature, but is grateful for helping him at the farm on numerous occasions.

Hershel was saddened to learn of Jimmy's death. Hershel and Glenn initially don't have a very good relationship, with the former disapproving of his relationship with his daughter, Maggie.

However, as time passes, Hershel realizes that Glenn is a capable man who can care and protect his daughter from the dangerous world they live in.

He gives Glenn a pocket watch which has been passed through generations in Hershel's family and along with it permission to be with Maggie.

Later on in the prison, Hershel tells Glenn that he is like a son to him, showing their extremely close bond and friendship.

When the Prison is overrun by Walkers after a delivery van driven by a Woodbury soldier unloads them during the Woodbury attack, Glenn along with Michonne helps to rescue Hershel.

Glenn later confronts Hershel telling him he wishes to marry Maggie. Hershel happily agrees, saying "You have my blessing. When Glenn falls ill from the mystery virus spreading throughout the prison, he still helps Hershel and Sasha with the other patients in quarantine until he becomes too weak to do so.

Hershel works tirelessly to save him, to the point where he pleads with Maggie not to kill the walker who is about to kill him, as the walker is wearing intubation that he can use for Glenn.

Maggie manages to kill the walker without damaging the mask, and Hershel stabilizes Glenn until Michonne, Tyreese, Bob, and Daryl arrive with medicine.

When he comes to and gathers some supplies and mementos from the abandoned prison, one of the items he takes is Hershel's watch.

When Tara, a member of the Governor's militia, accidentally tells him about the murder mentioning an "old man" the Governor killed , Glenn asks if she means Hershel.

Upon getting confirmation, Glenn is devastated. Rick first meets the Greene family after his son Carl is accidentally shot by their neighbor Otis, who offers the medical assistance of the family patriarch, Hershel.

Rick is grateful for Hershel ultimately saving his son and allowing the group to stay on his farm while Carl heals, though they came at odds when the group discovered that Hershel has been hoarding his undead family and neighbors in his barn thinking they could be cured.

Rick slowly attempts to show Hershel the truth of the living dead, but to no avail, as Hershel believes God wants the walkers to be kept safe, not killed.

He eventually cooperates with Hershel, even going as far as to aid him in bringing two new walkers to the barn.

After facing a divine intervention following the barn shootout, Hershel relapses into his alcoholism and was confronted in a bar by Rick who convinces him that what had happened needed to be done, as the undead are no longer the people they were before.

Following this revelation, Hershel sees the spirit in Rick's leadership and has since become one of his most devoted followers, standing by his side and knowing that he had his family's safety at heart along with the rest of the group.

Despite this notion, Hershel continues persistently in voicing his concerns over Shane Walsh until the latter's death.

During their time on the farm, Hershel tries to mentor Rick's troubles and offer advice as often as he possibly can.

Despite these attempts usually being rebuffed, Hershel never takes it to heart and feels that Rick is competent enough to overcome anything.

This is most positively seen when Rick pulls Hershel away from defending his farm against an overwhelming herd and into the arms of his surviving daughters.

Rick knew that not only did the man have his own family to protect, he also provides his pregnant wife and the group with a crucial medical role.

After abandoning the farm, Rick assumes command over the entire group, which unites them all as one unit. While living as transient scavengers during the winter, Hershel follows Rick's leadership and does not question him.

When Hershel is bitten in the leg while the group is clearing the prison, Rick immediately hacks off his leg to prevent the infection from killing him, which eventually leads to a full recovery minus the amputation.

He is shown mentoring Rick both during and after his breakdown. The two have become very close friends following Hershel's recovery from his amputation.

Thanks to Rick's quick thinking, Hershel became the first and only known survivor of a zombie bite. As more time passes in the prison, Hershel becomes close counsel to Rick on how best to handle things, voicing his opinion to Rick when he has doubts or questions his decisions.

It is obvious that Rick has a very high level of personal trust in Hershel, as he was the sole group member that Rick confided in regarding the hallucinations he's been having.

Knowing that Rick told him in confidence and did not want the others to know, Hershel kept Rick's secret. Even after Rick's outburst upon seeing Lori's 'ghost' on the prison balcony and yelling at her, Hershel has respected Rick's privacy and kept the details about his friend's experiences to himself.

Hershel is very understanding of what Rick is going through, does not blame or judge him for it, and has continued to be there for him.

Although he is doing his best to help Rick mourn and get through this, Hershel keeps his friend in line as he refuses to let Rick be controlled by his grief or do anything that would put them all in danger.

Before Hershel's death, he shows a great amount of pride for Rick as he attempts to parley with the Governor.

Rick is devastated by Hershel's death, screaming and opening fire on The Governor. During the battle, Rick tackles The Governor and proceeds to brutally attack him because of what he did to Hershel.

Lori first meets Hershel when he is preparing to operate on Carl's gunshot wound. At first she acts hostile towards him because of Otis' mistake of shooting Carl, and when Hershel says he is a veterinarian, she doubts his skill even more; eventually she gives in because there are currently no others who can operate on Carl.

After Hershel saves Carl's life, and she learns of Otis' sacrifice for Carl, she is appreciative, and learns to respect Hershel and his family.

Throughout her stay at the farm, she grows closer with Hershel, especially after Rick tells him that Lori is pregnant. They maintain a good relationship and Hershel starts giving advice to Lori about pregnancy.

Hershel had wanted the group to leave the farm as soon as Carl had recovered enough to travel, but Lori's pregnancy is enough to change his mind.

When Hershel goes missing after the barn massacre, Rick wants to find him, but Lori disagrees, saying they need a leader to stay in the farm and that Shane is dangerous if left alone.

But when Rick says he wants to find Hershel because he's the only one who can check up on Lori's baby on a daily basis and to inform him about Beth's condition, she agrees.

Lori continues to support both Rick and Hershel's decisions to do what's best for the group, especially when Randall is taken hostage in the farm.

During the walkers' invasion at the farm, Lori stays behind inside the house and when she is going to run away from the farm with Carol, Beth, and Patricia, she repeatedly yells at Hershel to stop defending his farm, only leaving him behind when it's clear he won't go with her.

Finally, the group reunite at the highway after the invasion and they continue their travel to find a safe place.

During the months the group spent on the run after the farm was overrun, Hershel and Lori become even closer. Hershel is worried about Lori and tells Rick that she can't take much more of them moving around different places.

When Lori is crying about her baby seemingly dying inside of her, Hershel tries his best to comfort her.

She also triesto comfort Beth and Maggie after Hershel's foot amputation, and when he stops breathing, she performs CPR on him, ignoring the potential risk of his turning into a walker during the process.

She's also the only one besides Beth who is positive that Hershel can make it through his amputation, and is happy about Hershel's survival, saying that today's a good day because they were able to safe Hershel's life.

One of the last happy moments of Lori's life is helping Hershel walk outside for the first time after his amputation.

After Lori's death, Hershel continues to care about Judith and frequently mentions Lori's good deeds to the group.

Hershel has a good friendship with Carl and looks after him during their time at the farm and prison. Hershel performs the operation that saves Carl's life after Carl is accidentally shot by Otis.

Carl later returns the favor by retrieving badly-needed medical supplies after Hershel's lower leg is amputated when he is bitten by a walker.

When Hershel recovers enough to move around with crutches, Carl jokingly challenges him to a race.

Hershel is shocked when Carl shoots and kills Jody, who was surrendering, and tells Rick that the killing was in cold blood, and worries for Carl's mental state.

However, Hershel later acknowledges at the that Carl has "come back. After Hershel is decapitated by the governor, Carl was enraged and saddened over the death of his friend whom he viewed as a father figure.

Due to his medical training, Hershel is the primary caretaker of Judith. He spends a significant amount of time with the baby and ensures that her needs are met.

Hershel cares very deeply for Judith. Since the day Judith was born, Hershel has acted as her surrogate father while Rick recovers from his breakdown.

Shane and Hershel have a poor relationship. Shane appeared to be grateful to Hershel for saving Carl's life and giving the group shelter, although once discovering of the walker infested barn, Shane was furious at Hershel and claimed he was crazy.

After massacring the barn walkers and discovering Sophia, Shane was even more furious and may have tried to attack Hershel but was stopped by Maggie.

Hershel reluctantly put up with Shane after this event, and Shane was angered at Hershel's decision to operate on Randall and let him go and claimed that he was just as bad a leader as Rick.

Hershel seemed slightly shocked to learn of Shane's death. Dale and Hershel are usually seen talking with each other throughout Dale's stay at the farm.

Due to their relative closeness in age, the two are usually seen talking about deciding what's best for both Dale and Hershel's group.

At first, Hershel doesn't seem to like Dale's stubborn attitude towards him about convincing him that the walkers are not people, but eventually, Hershel warms up to him.

Their relationship got better after the barn massacre and Hershel's return from his alcoholic state. When Dale asked Hershel's opinion about executing Randall, he told Dale that he doesn't want to take any part of it and told him that they should just let Rick handle things from now on.

When Dale's life cannot be saved, Hershel is saddened by it, and since then, tries his hardest to take on Dale's role as a moral compass for the group.

Andrea was grateful towards Hershel for letting her and the group stay at his farm , and tries to help him out whenever she can.

The two, however, came at odds when the group discovered that Hershel had been hoarding his undead family and neighbours in his barn thinking they could be cured.

Hershel forgives Andrea for participating in the barn shootout, and lets her stay on the farm. After being separated for many months, Andrea meets Hershel again when she visits the prison, and is happy to see him again, though she is at first shocked about his missing leg.

During the Governor and Rick's negotiation, Andrea has a hard time choosing which side she should join. Hershel gives her some advice, and acknowledges her as family.

Hershel was later saddened to learn of Andrea's death. Hershel teaches Carol a few minor medical techniques in preparation for the birth of Lori's baby.

They presumably become close to one another in their time alone in doing this. Hershel is bitten by a lurker, and his leg is amputated by Rick to stop the infection.

Carol, like Maggie, is not optimistic about Hershel's chances of survival, but works as hard to keep him alive anyway.

When Carol reunites with the rest of the group, she is extremely happy to see Hershel again and gives him a strong, bracing hug despite his now-limited balance.

Hershel seems equally happy to see Carol. It is possible that the fact that Carol helped save Hershel's life helped to strengthen their growing bond.

Hershel is shocked and saddened to learn that Rick banished Carol, although he does not question the decision. It is still unknown whether Carol is aware about his death since she stated that she only saw the ending of the war , but she is presumed to have been devastated.

T-Dog was grateful towards Hershel for letting him and the group stay at his farm , and tries to help him out whenever he can.

Hershel forgives T-Dog for participating in the barn shootout, and lets him stay on the farm. During their time at the prison, T-Dog and Hershel have formed a strong friendship and hold a lot of respect towards each other.

T-Dog is concerned for Hershel after his leg is amputated, and is glad to know that he survived. Hershel was saddened to learn of T-Dog's death, and states that if he hadn't risked himself to close the gates to prevent more walkers from entering, the group would have suffered more losses.

Daryl was grateful towards Hershel for letting him and the group stay at his farm , and tries to help him out whenever he can. The two came at odds when the group discovered that Hershel had been hoarding his undead family and neighbours in his barn thinking they could be cured.

Hershel forgives Daryl for participating in the barn shootout, and lets him stay on the farm. During their time at the prison, Daryl and Hershel have formed a strong friendship and hold a lot of respect towards each other.

Hershel respects Daryl's will and selflesness for the group during the time in both the farm and prison, while Daryl respects Hershel's bravery to risk his own life for the safety of the others.

After Hershel was decapitated by the Governor, Daryl mercilessly fired at The Governor's Militia, enraged over the death of his friend.

During a drinking game with Beth, Daryl has an emotional breakdown in which he also express his sorrow and regret at not killing the Governor and saving Hershel while he had a chance to take a shot, showing just how much he meant to him.

Merle and Hershel first met after the latter joins the group and have established a quick friendship.

While the rest of the group besides Daryl distrusted Merle, Hershel was friendly towards him and has bonded with him through a discussion of their loss of limbs and the Bible.

Merle warns Hershel about the upcoming battle with the governor, and tells him that he is dangerous. Hershel values Merle's military experience, and states that he should be acknowledged as part of the group.

It is unknown how Hershel responds to Merle's death. Hershel and Michonne quickly become close, with Hershel often treating her for medical injuries and even saving her life being one of the only people left who can treat a concussion after she arrives at the prison.

Michonne returns this favor by saving Hershel's life, carrying him to the truck along with Glenn.

When Hershel is informed by Rick that The Governor wants her in exchange for the prison's safety from his army, he stands up for her and states that she has earned her place in the group.

Months later, after the prison finally recovers from the deadly flu virus, it is overrun by walkers, but is saved by the efforts of Rick and Carl outside, and Hershel inside.

The next day, Hershel and Michonne go to burn the walkers but are kidnapped by Phillip, and brought back to his camp.

Later that day, Phillip executes Hershel right in front of the prison survivors and Michonne, using Michonne's own katana.

She is shocked and devestated by his death, and later stabs the Governor in revenge for him. Later, Michonne comes across Hershel's zombified head and sadly stabs it, showing how much she cared for him.

Hershel and Tyreese have formed a quick friendship upon meeting each other. Tyreese is grateful towards Hershel for offering to help, and promises to do whatever he can for him and the prison group.

When the Woodbury residents including Tyreese join the prison, Hershel is happy to see him again and gives him a friendly pat on the shoulder.

In the following months, Tyreese and Hershel have established a good friendship. Tyreese is grateful towards Hershel for saving Sasha and the other sick prison residents' lives.

After Hershel was decapitated by the Governor, Tyreese mercilessly fired at The Governor's Militia, enraged over the death of his friend.

Hershel and Sasha have formed a quick friendship upon meeting each other. Sasha is grateful towards Hershel for offering to help, and promises to do whatever he can for him and the prison group.

When the Woodbury residents including Sasha join the prison, Hershel is happy to see her again. In the following months, Sasha and Hershel have established a good friendship.

Hershel saves Sasha when she is sick, and she tells him that that she is lucky to be alive and that she only is because of Hershel.

After Hershel was decapitated by the Governor, Sasha mercilessly fired at The Governor's Militia, enraged over the death of her friend.

Hershel considers Philip as an enemy, stating that he was a sick man for having his daughter, Maggie, strip naked.

Despite this, Hershel believes that the Governor isn't entirely bad, and what he has become is due to the state of the world now, and suggests to avoid conflict with him by leaving the prison.

Several months later, Philip ambushes Hershel and Michonne and holds them hostage. Hershel negotiates with Philip, saying that the two groups of survivors can live together and that he can change just like Rick.

Philip, however, ignores Hershel's words and threatens to kill him if Rick doesn't surrender. Philip later slashes Hershel's neck repeatedly, decapitating him and shows no remorse for doing so.

During Philip and Rick's negotiation, Milton begins taking notes of what's happening, and tells Hershel that they need to keep records of the apocalypses's history, and Hershel agrees with him.

The two talk, and Milton starts to take interest in Hershel's amputated leg. Milton asks if he could see Hershel's leg, to learn more about how it was amputated.

Hershel jokingly declines and tells Milton to buy a drink for him first, and they both start to laugh. Subramanian is seen conversing with Rick, Daryl, Hershel, and Bob about the unknown flu and explains how Charlie likely died, noticing blood leaking from his eyes and nose and a lack of bites.

Rick then mentions Patrick's similar condition. When Caleb is sick, Hershel gives him some herb tea, hoping that it will help with the symptoms.

They talk with each other, showing that they have a good relationship with one another. It is implied, due to the fact that both are doctors, they are sympathetic towards each another, mutually understanding the difficulties of the job.

Caleb repeatedly tells Hershel that he shouldn't be in the cell block with them, conveying that he cares about him.

Hershel apparently believes Caleb to be a good man, which is evident through their conversations and how Hershel repeatedly emphasizes that Caleb would do the same thing if "he were in his shoes.

When Caleb becomes pessimistic over the flu and his symptoms, Hershel comforts him and tells him that they're not that bad off. Caleb disagrees and gives Hershel the advice to make sure everyone is locked in, and shows him the shotgun he brought into his cell.

Later, when Hershel returns to Caleb's cell to get his shotgun, he discovers Caleb as a walker, and tearfully stabs him in the head.

After Glenn is stabilized and all has calmed down, Hershel comes back to the doctor's cell and closes the dead man's eye.

He pulls out his Bible and begins to read, weeping over the loss of his friend. Bob is seen conversing with Rick, Daryl, Hershel, and Caleb about the unknown flu and explains how Charlie likely died, noticing blood leaking from his eyes and nose and a lack of bites.

They discuss the illness with each other, showing that they have a good relationship with one another.

Later, Bob visits Tyreese who is burying Karen and David, and tells him to get a checkup from Hershel, showing that he knows about Hershel's medical skills.

After Hershel was decapitated by the Governor, Bob mercilessly fired at The Governor's Militia, enraged over the death of his friend.

Hershel was friendly and caring towards Lizzie and the kids, and got along with each other well.

Hershel looks after Lizzie when she is sick, and borrows her his book to keep her busy. Hershel later saves Lizzie from a walker and locks her in a cell to keep her safe.

How Hershel's death affects Lizzie is unknown, as she wasn't present when he was killed. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Do you like this video? This article is about the TV Series character. You take a drink of water , you risk your life.

And nowadays you breathe , and you risk your life. Every moment now The only thing you can choose is what you're risking it for.

Now, I can make these people feel better and hang on a little bit longer. I can save lives.

And that's enough reason to risk mine. Contents [ show ]. Josephine Greene " She was a good woman, my Jo.

Maggie's a lot like her. We lost friends, neighbours. The epidemic took my wife, my stepson. You've got your mother's spirit I thought Maggie and Glenn would have a baby.

And he'd get to be a grandpa. And we'd have birthdays and holidays and summer picnics. And he'd get really old And it 'd happen, but it'd be quiet It'd be okay He'd be surrounded by people he loved.

That's how unbelievably stupid I am. They're people. Praise be to Him, for the gift of our brother Otis, for his span of years, for his abundance of character; Otis, who gave his life to save a child's.

Now more than ever, our most precious asset. We thank you, God, for the peace he enjoys in your embrace. He died as he lived, in grace. He's not my kin but I am responsible for him.

He needs his father to show him the way. What way are you going to show him? Let's go for a little stroll. If you have to go, then I have to come with you.

I have to. Let me make this perfectly clear, once and for all This is my farm. Now I wanted you gone. Rick talked me out of it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

So do us both a favor Keep your mouth shut. But I've seen people that I cared about die and come back, and they're not people.

You belong with us. But if you join us, it's settled. If he hadn't done that He may be erratic but don't underestimate his loyalty to his brother.

If she hadn't come here, we never would have known they were taken. She's earned her place. For a while, we didn't know who we were dealing with.

I mean, I was sure that you were gonna be a dead foolish man. I don't know what I'm saying. I must've hit my head. I don't believe in magic or luck.

I do the math and I don't gamble. But I don't know if I'd be here right now if you weren't so damn stupid.

Our people. We can find a way to live together. These people you need to keep alive, do you love them? Everything you've said, the way you've said it, you've changed.

So has Rick. We'll find a way. You say you want to take this prison as peacefully as possible. That means you'd be willing to hurt people to get it.

My daughters would be there. That's who you'd be hurting. If you understand what it's like to have a daughter, then how can you threaten to kill someone else's?

I just met you. At least buy me a drink first. I want you to read it by tonight. We all got jobs to do. That one's yours " —Hershel to Lizzie.

Rest in Peace, Scott Wilson 10 messages. Mitt Campbell.

Er wird im continue reading Moment von Rick und Carl gerettet. Als sie in Alexandria angekommen ist, merkte sie, dass sie Schwanger Da click here niemand aus der Gruppe traut, Sophia zu töten, ist es Rick der den Schuss abfeuert. Danke dafür :. Verstorbene Charaktere werden rot und kursiv angezeigt. Rick entschuldigt sich dafür, den Mord an tlc online schauen Schwiegersohn Glenn nicht verhindert zu haben. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Fotogalerien Read more Deutschland. Please click for source Speichern. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Lost in anger and grief, he kicked everybody off words. serien stream ohne anmeldung assured the farm, Katjaa included. Views Read Edit View history. Lee Everett " You're gonna have to depend on the honesty of strangers if you're gonna make it. Retrieved December 9, Archived from the original on October 18, Rest in Peace, Scott Wilson 10 messages.

The Walking Dead Hershel Video

TWD S2E2 - Meet Hershel Greene Additionally, he pawned his pocket watch in order to pay off his drinking debt, though Josephine was able to repurchase his watch which she held onto until he had proven to be able to sober up. He listens to Glenn's proposal on how to defend themselves from The Governorbut recommends that the group leave the prison rather than risk retaliation from Woodbury. As cop prepare to return to the click to see more, they are assaulted by another group, leading to a shootout that draws a horde of walkers. The formerly dormant walker grabs Hershel by the leg and bites into his calf. Https:// you sure you want to sign out?

The Walking Dead Hershel Weitere Charaktere aus "The Walking Dead"

Hershel gibt ihnen dafür eine Karte und stellt Regeln auf, an die sich die Gruppe zu halten hat. Erst in jüngerer Vergangenheit widmete sich Wilson zunehmend dem Serienbereich. Maggie nennt scherzhaft einen "Stinker" und trägt ihn dann zu seiner Krippe seefeuer stream Schlafen. Verstorbene Charaktere werden rot und kursiv angezeigt. Die Plattform veröffentlichte nun eine Liste der erfolgreichsten Videos. Auch die zunehmende Anziehung von Maggie und Glenn macht Hershel zu schaffen. Er sagt, er vertraue Rick. The Walking Susan lynch. Bones: Charakter, Hannah Burley. Confirm. ahnensuche something nächsten Tag erreicht Rick den Hilltop, um ihn zu besuchen. Wiki erstellen. Links Darsteller: Scott Wilson. Du hast die Möglichkeit die Verwendung von Cookies zu beeinflussen: Statistiken Deaktivieren Wir lassen pseudonymisierte Statistiken über die Red tails von myFanbase erstellen, um unser Angebot für please click for source zu verbessern. Live Konzerte see more, Festivals. Das sind excited susan lynch variant erfolgreichsten YouTube-Videos in Deutschland. Danach kümmert er sich um seine Tochter, die versucht hat, sich umzubringen. Kennt denn jemand die Buchvorlage und kann absehen, wie Fotogalerien Starttermine Deutschland. Da sich niemand aus der Gruppe traut, Sophia zu töten, ist es Rick der den Schuss abfeuert. Sechs Jahre später starb Josephine aufgrund unbekannter Umstände. Während Https:// immer mehr wie Glenn und Rick denkt, kinopolis nicht mehr daran glaubt, dass in den Zombies noch immer ihre Freunde und Familie steckt, sieht Hershel dies noch immer anders. Plötzlich ist Randall verschwunden und ein Teil der Gruppe zieht los, um please click for source zu suchen. The Blacklist: Review, 3. the walking dead hershel

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