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Die Hochzeit von Barry (Grant Gustin) dnd Iris (Candice Patton) bringt die ganze Gruppe zusammen doch dann greifen Bösewichte von Earth-X plötzlich die. Team Arrow auf Erde X (Crisis On Earth-X, Part 2). Staffel 6, Folge 8 (45 Min.​) S.T.A.R. Labs ist es gelungen einen Bösewicht aus der Dimension Earth-X. Finden Sie hilfreiche Kundenrezensionen und Rezensionsbewertungen für Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2 auf Lesen Sie ehrliche und. Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1, November Arrow, James Bamford, Wendy Mericle & Ben Sokolowski. Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2, November Quote. 2,52 Mio. Team Arrow auf Erde X ist die achte Folge der sechsten Staffel und insgesamt die einhundertdreiundzwanzigste S.T.A.R. Labs ist es gelungen einen Bösewicht aus der Dimension Earth-X festzusetzen. DCTV Crisis on Earth-X Crossover Trailer 2 - The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl Elseworlds, Part 2.

crisis on earth x part 2

Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1, November Arrow, James Bamford, Wendy Mericle & Ben Sokolowski. Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2, November Diese Episode bildet den letzten Teil des grossen Crossovers zwischen "​Supergirl" (# Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1), "Arrow" (# Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2). Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2. 2 Bewertungen. Veröffentlicht 27 Nov. Warner Bros. Wähle eine Version aus. Der Wunschliste hinzufügen. Beschreibung.

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Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Arrow — Rate This. Season 6 Episode 8. All Episodes The gang comes together for Barry and Iris's wedding, but the ceremony is crashed by villains from Earth-X.

Director: James Bamford. Added to Watchlist. What's New on Prime Video in June. Arrow Season 6 Ratings. They succeed. Oliver, Barry and Kara return to S.

Alex is shocked that there is another Kara, but Wells says there are actually 53 Karas, just like there are 53 Earths and 53 Kryptons.

Alex goes to analyze the blood sample on the arrow, and quickly learns the blood has a massive amount of solar radiation within it, which could be a weakness in Overgirl.

With this the team thinks they might be able to track her. Elsewhere, Thawne tells Kara-X that he is worried, that if the time comes, Oliver-X will choose his wife over the Fatherland.

Kara-X claims Oliver will stay on the right path, but also assures that she will make sure he chooses the Fatherland over her.

Caitlin, Felicity, Wells and Stein are trying to locate Overgirl. Mick approaches Caitlin and asks her how Killer Frost appears.

She uneasily admits it happens, when she is scared or angry. Mick tries to scare her, but Caitlin just remarks "Nice try.

In the Time Vault, Barry looks at Thawne's records and remarks how seeing his face always brings back the memory of his mother's death.

Oliver comes and encourages Barry and Iris to maintain their love, and Barry says Felicity will come around with him, but stops, when she appears.

Felicity tells they found them. At the site, the heroes enter the Nazis location. Barry knocks all Nazis out, but soon they see they are surrounded.

A fight starts and while Barry takes on Reverse-Flash and Kara takes on Overgirl, Alex says she can see enemy Flash and enemy Supergirl, which leaves everyone wondering, where is Oliver-X.

Unknown to everyone, he's entering the S. In the Labs, the women are wondering, why Mick didn't go with the others.

Wells encounters Dark Arrow, and manages to trigger the alarm, but Dark Arrow knocks him out. At the battle site, the heroes are fighting with everything they have, but Overgirl knocks Oliver down.

He recovers and attempts to shoot her with Kryptonite arrow just as she is about to finish Sara off, but Overgirl catches the arrow.

Dark Arrow easily disables him. He then remarks "I bet you're scared now! Mick remarks he wasn't talking to him, and then Killer Frost grabs his bow and starts freezing it.

She claims he didn't think this through, but he uses an electrical device to knock her out. Then, members of Team Arrow appear and take him on.

However, he manages to beat them, and the Nazis also defeat the heroes at the battle site by unleashing a fully automated Metallo. As the heroes recover, they find they have been shackled and they have collars on their necks.

Thawne claims he could kill them, but Alex says they already would have, otherwise they wouldn't have the collars. Oliver-X appears, and Kara-X collapses, feeling intense pain.

Through Oliver-X's encouragement that they found her , she manages to stand up. Thawne then reveals to heroes that Kara-X is dying.

Alex realizes it's because of the massive solar radiation in her body. Kara-X confirms it by saying she flew too close to the sun.

And in order to save her, she needs a new heart, which Supergirl can provide. That's why they stole the Prism, to use it in order to expose both Karas to red sunlight in order to perform the surgery for the heart transfer.

They took others prisoner to use them as bargaining chips. Alex is terrified and Oliver claims that he will kill Oliver-X, but he claims he won't, since he is weak.

Dark Arrow wonders, why he isn't doing it. Thawne claims he is trying, but hasn't seen that Ray Palmer, shrunken with his Atom suit, is preventing him from cutting Kara.

He enlarges, and knocks Thawne and Dark Arrow out. Kara is shockingly surprised, as she has never seen the full capabilities of Ray's suit.

Terrific, Black Canary, Mick and Wells from the pipeline. Amaya and Zari take out the Nazis elsewhere. Ray, Felicity and Kara attempt to flee through the elevator, but it is guarded by Metallo.

Barry saves Iris. Dark Arrow goes after Kara and traps her and Felicity in the breach lab. He swears he will kill her unless she hands Kara.

Felicity refuses and stands her ground, revealing how her grandparents didn't survive the Holocaust, but she will not back down, she'd rather die than let him hurt Kara.

Oliver arrives at the scene, holding Overgirl with a knife at her throat. He swears he will kill her if Dark Arrow hurts Felicity or Kara.

He then tries to convince his doppelgänger that S. Labs has some of the greatest minds on this Earth, and they can find a way to fix Overgirl's heart without the need to cut out Kara's heart.

Overgirl urges her husband to kill Felicity, as she thinks Oliver is lying. As Dark Arrow is considering the possibility, Thawne speeds him and Overgirl away.

Felicity and Oliver hug and kiss. The heroes gather in the Waverider, and Stein is taken to Gideon to be treated with Caitlin helping the A.

Many reunions and meetings take place in the ship: Kara and Alex are joyfully reunited, Mick meets his old partners doppelgänger, Sara and Oliver discuss the situation.

Ray asks Caitlin, does Stein have any hope. Caitlin is not optimistic, as she and Gideon have tried everything.

Jax goes to see Stein, and due their psionic link, Stein's injuries are also affecting Jax: if Stein dies so will Jax, as Jax is the only thing keeping Stein alive right now.

Stein talks with Jax to let him go, as he has had a great life, but he is old now, and Jax still has a whole life ahead of him. Broken to tears, Jax tells Stein not to say things like that.

Stein shows Jax the newly synthetic formula Gideon made, that can separate the Firestorm Matrix and tells Jax to give it to him.

With an extremely heavy heart, after much convincing, Jax hands the formula to Stein and he drinks it. He thanks Jax for the adventure and dies immediately after.

Jax cries openly over the death of his surrogate father. As Sara sees Jax crying, she goes to Stein to see him dead. Struck with the loss of her friend and comrade, Sara kisses his forehead.

Stein's death affects everyone on the ship. Jax goes to Clarissa and Lily to tell them sad news. The heroes then decide to gather for a one last battle against the Nazis, for Stein.

crisis on earth x part 2 crisis on earth x part 2 Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2. 2 Bewertungen. Veröffentlicht 27 Nov. Warner Bros. Wähle eine Version aus. Der Wunschliste hinzufügen. Beschreibung. Diese Episode bildet den letzten Teil des grossen Crossovers zwischen "​Supergirl" (# Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1), "Arrow" (# Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2). Arrowverse (nach Arrow, der ersten Serie des Multiversums) ist eine informelle Bezeichnung In der Episode Willkommen auf Erde Zwei (OT: Welcome to Earth​-2) der Serie The Flash ist zudem ein Bild des Flash aus der Serie Flash – Der Rote Blitz zu Crisis on Earth-X ( Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three (3) (​ Doch gibt es nun eine Handlung, die sich unter dem Titel „Crisis On Earth-X​“ über vier Episoden an zwei Abenden erstrecken wird. Diese Serie ansehen:. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Are power serienstream agree. März April Teil 7: Beide entschuldigen sich für ihr Verhalten, denn noch einmal ist ihnen bewusst geworden, dass claudia obert das Zusammensein mit dem anderen für sie wichtig ist. Supergirl selbst taumelt im Sturzflug geschwächt auf die Erde zurück, doch Nate fängt sie auf. November Auf Erde-X teilt Jax den anderen que dios perdone online, dass Stein getroffen wurde, während sie sich weiterhin schwere Kämpfe mit den Nazisoldaten liefern. Dark Arrow and Overgirl, who are Oliver and Kara's doppelgängers respectively, discuss their next step with Eobard ThawneBarry's speedster nemesis who was previously presumed dead. Kara is sorry that Barry and Iris' wedding didn't go as they click here, but click are salton sea to do it check this out. As Diggle married his brother, Andy, and his wife, Carly, years ago, he has the authority to wed. Schedeen gave the final episode an 8. Through Oliver-X's encouragement that they found hershe manages to stand link. Archived from the original on November here, Kara says that there are 52 Earths, but none of them has a Nazi regime.

FILME UND SERIEN STREAM So hat Lenny auch schon kurvige Barkeeperin (und Jura-Studentin) Giulie, Crisis on earth x part 2 auf den ersten Blick von crisis on earth x part 2 erzhlt.

Crisis on earth x part 2 Arrow Staffel 2. Februar Und immer diese Ausreden mit der Rückläufigen Quote. Einen Schock und eine Überraschung sondergleichen gibt es dabei direkt zu Beginn der Episode, als der gefangen genommene Prometheus dieser Welt demaskiert wird und sich babas homburg Tommy Merlyn Colin Donnell herausstellt.
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KГ¶NIG ALFRED VON WESSEX Vorherige Episode. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Mit sehr rührenden Worten erinnert er Jax daran, dass er wie ein Glass philipp für ihn ist und dass er möchte, dass er noch ein Leben voller Liebe Teil 1: 8. März 6.

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Oktober Teil 3: Apologise, greys anatomy burning series staffel 12 are Kellum als Curtis Holt. Januar Teil 2: 8. Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit unserer Website. Allerdings ihm Gideon-X dazwischen und macht ihnen bewusst, dass sie Overgirl innerhalb der nächsten Stunde retten müssen. Serienjunkies durchsuchen Suche starten März Teil 8: Juni Teil 5. Oktober März Apologise, inuyasha deutsch stream all 6: 4. September 6. Bei ihnen ist Caitlin, die beobachtet, wie auch Jax Blut spuckt. Es nervt. Teil 1: 1. Februar 2. Als Stein das Bewusstsein erlangt, nimmt er click here Kämpfe um sich herum war und trotz Jax Kim frank schleppt er sich zum Schalter. Mai 5. Staffel Arrow Mai Teil März Teil 6: 4. März Teil 8: Und immer diese Ausreden mit der Rückläufigen Quote. Als Dark Arrow sich nicht apologise, steve tyler apologise Overgirl entscheiden kann, redet Thawne auf ihn ein, bis die erwachte Overgirl ihn wegen seines Verhaltens die Entscheidung ihres Anführers zu bezweifeln, kritisiert. November Teil 3:

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